Secure Worldwide Interbank
Asset Transfer

Our mission is to create financial infrastructure of the future across jurisdictions and enabling secure and frictionless real-time trading and settlement for all kind of assets on a global scale.

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We propose SWIAT – A new standard for the financial industry.

Based on distributed ledger technology, we are creating a global network of interoperating regulated financial entities. Our DLT-network saves substantial costs, is regulatory compliant and ensures fast, easy and transparent settlement between network participants.

The state of the art technology provides participants with the opportunity to take advantage of improved liquidity management, access to crypto-securities and trading opportunities between traditional and digital securities.

Besides traditional securities and crypto-securities other asset types like derivatives, digital assets, crypto-currencies and other financial instruments will become available.

Key Features

Simplifying Settlement

Reduction of Reconciliation Efforts

T+0 Settlement

Settlement Fail Free

Increased Transparency

Scalable Platform

Asset & Innovation Platform

A platform that starts with traditional securities …

Traditional Securities Tokenised Assets Crypto-Securities Crypto-Assets / Currencies Central / Commercial Bank Money Digital Securities

… and combines it with the digital future!

SWIAT combines traditional securities with digital securities and crypto-securities which increases trading opportunities on the platform!

A platform that enables many opportunities

Your opportunities

Digital Asset Custody Digital Collateral Protocol Issuance Module Tokeniser Blockchain-Bridge Payment Module Custody of digital & crypto-assetsCustody of traditional securities Securities lending with any type of assetCollateral Management in real-timeLiquidity Management in real-time Commercial bank moneyCentral bank money Issuance of digital assetsIssuance of crypto assets Tokenisation of physical assetsCertificate of authenticity Transfer crypto assets from other Blockchains into the SWIAT-Ecosystem (e.g., Lumen, Ethereum, etc.) TraditionalSecurities Crypto-Securities DigitalSecurities Central Bank Money Crypto-Assets /Currencies TokenisedAssets

SWIAT consists of modules which can be used individually. You can choose which modules are relevant to you. Alternatively, you can opt to offer your own module on SWIAT and pursue your business. Get in touch with us to discuss how SWIAT can accelerate your business.


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ledgerinsights.com: DekaBank's SWIAT platform aims to be SWIFT for digital assets

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